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Color and You and Your Wardrobe

10.11.2011 · Posted in Clothing

When you are sewing for yourself, selecting fabric is accordingly essential and selecting the colours to suit you is even more important.

Not all of us may afford to have our colours done, however you might experiment with this.

When in a fabric store, take a bolt of fabric to a mirror, put it up towards your face, more across at your shoulder. carry note of how it affects your skin tone and escort particular note of your eyes.

If it’s your color, your skin have to look a very good color, you wil gaze healthy and your eye lids bright and alive. If it’s not your color, the the ‘color’ will drain from your face and your eyes will look tired and dull.

You may do this with what you have in your wardrobe right now.

All colours have undertones, and the color experts have classified them for fashion as “warm” and “cool” or the latest “silver” and “gold”

To determine if you are a silver or a gold, spot the metals one at a time against your skin and see which is the brightest, that brightest one will be you.

If you like a particular color and you don’t think it fall into your colors, this may not be genuine, you could still be able to wear it.

Most colors have an undertone, these undertones are what determines whether the color is “yours” or not.

Colours have got a warm undertone or a cool undertone. If you want to wear that color you love, after that find the fabric that has your “undertone” and this you will see by “laying” the fabric on you, by that I mean, draping across you and seeing the result, if your skin takes on a healthy glow, after that that is for you, if it makes your skin gaze sallow and dull, after that leave it where it is.

You will have got a “power” color too. The power colours are mainly dark, navy, grey and brown. One of these colours will suit you better than the others, The one you always might seem good in, and makes your skin tone and eye lids bright and healthy. Many people think black is the all powerful color, not for that reason, if it doesn’t suit you it will have the opposite effect.

So try navy or brown, once again if the color drains from your face, don’t wear it.

Once you have set your power color, when you really want to make a statement, go for that job interview, wear POWER.

If you may afford to have your colors done, after that I would suggest you do just that. Knowing you are wearing what suits you, will give you confidence beyond anything you have known before.

I’m not some if they are still doing it, but Gract Cosmetics have fully trained color consultants and whilst this is not a plug for Grace Cosmetics, I do know they used to do party plan makeovers. Not some however you could check out your phone book to see if you have a Grace consultant in your spot. A party like that can be a lot of fun also, for you and your friends,

The color consultants are listed in the yellow pages as well.

Have confident fun finding your colors, watch your confidence grow

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