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The right menu holders to give the right impression

10.22.2011 · Posted in Food

You only get one chance to make a first impression, that’s how the famous saying goes. You’ll be amazed however how much difference simple things like display stands can make and add glamour to an occasion or event. Whether you’re a restaurant, arranging a wedding reception or just holding a dinner party, having menu holders for your menus add to the grandeur of the event and enhances the guests impression. For example, a restaurant where there is a clean and stylish menu holder will look great and attract more customers compared to one where the surroundings are untidy.

Menu holders also help with keeping your cafe or restaurant clean and tidy. Menus by definition are always kept on tables where people eat and therefore it is always essential that they are clean. This is where holders really come into their own as they can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Wiping a plastic cover with a wet cloth can performed many times daily; try doing that with just a printed paper menu. This is a major factor in why most restaurants nowadays make use of menu card holders.

Different menus styles are used to suit different kinds of events. It follows that the right sort of menu holder should be used to complement the menu. Posh restaurants tend to use designer or grand holders whereas smaller or lower cost dining outlets use simple yet good looking holders. Whatever the model and variety of menu holder, they are mainly used to add more cleanliness to the place and make it soothing and charming. There are coverings on these holders which are transparent and allow the menu inside to be seen without any difficulty. Helping you to impress your customers and create goodwill.

You can make your selection from different kinds of menu card holders according to the needs and budget. Menu holders come is a range of makes, sizes shapes and shades. There is however something you need to remember regarding this. The shape of the holder needs to go with the size of your table. A large holder on a small table looks silly as does a small holder on a giant table. Keeping the holder in the right place is also required to make for a convenient dining experience. Ideally on the side making the holder visible but not getting in the way whilst people are eating.

The most common material used in the manufacture of menu holders is moulded plastic. It’s durable and at the same time has a little flexibility to allow for menus to be changed when they need updating. Clever establishments change their menu cards often; just changing the colour of the menu card can give the impression of a regularly changing choice of food. However always choose shades that go well with low lighting.

You can choose from a range of menu holders like 120mm holders, A4 menu card holders, A5 holders and other models as suits your needs. The models are available in different shapes, sizes, makes and colours. Their cost is based on their features. However you should not need to break the bank to purchase them.

There are a broad variety of Menu Holders available online and some excellent ones at Display Stands be sure to have a good look around before making a purchase.

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