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Is Social Media These days the Number One Enemy of New Films, Television Shows, and even Plays?

10.10.2011 · Posted in Movies

Social media is an exciting development and an excellent way to spread the word about a new movie, Tv show, play, concert, or any other type of performance. But is social media also now the number one enemy of new creative work? Does social media do more harm than good?

Here’s the concern: Within the “olden” days, a Broadway play, as an example, would undergo a verified advancement method consisting of workshops and out-of-town runs well before coming to a principal stage in New York. Then it would undergo rehearsals and previews, and usually rewrites, just before officially opening. When it opened, the critics would overview it. Then the audience would determine, based mostly on word of mouth and based mostly on the critics’ opinions, if they preferred to see the show.

Now, however, points have altered significantly. Shows yet frequently begin out of town and develop via off-Broadway activities and previews to a full-scale opening, but nobody waits for the official opening prior to weighing in on whether or not the show is great or possibly not. Nobody waits till the kinks have already been worked out and the show is totally match for public consumption. Now, feedback is immediate…and usually lacerating.

A latest model may be the Broadway smash Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. Most of us heard the nightmare stories regarding the show’s technical difficulties long before it ever truly opened. A part of the issue, needless to say, was the extended preview period for the show. It has set a record for probably the most preview performances: 182. Previews started in November 2010; the show formally exposed in June 2011. Which is extraordinary.

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But what’s much more astonishing is just how much everybody knew regarding the production just before it ever really opened. The show’s issues had been the subject of numerous blogs…millions of tweets and Facebook exchanges… Plus, a number of of the technical errors, which includes 1 frightening injury to a cast member, were surreptitiously filmed and posted to YouTube for millions of individuals globally to watch, comment on, and forward to their buddies.

For many shows, this type of damaging viral publicity campaign would be disastrous. And they’ve certainly troubled Spiderman. However the show has been an huge money achievement. Either it’s immune to the critique and draws an audience that’s devoted to the Spiderman legacy…or to the big “rock musical”…and is merely indifferent to negatives which are stated and written concerning the show. Or maybe the show is drawing an audience of individuals who’re curious to see what some have known as a “train wreck.” Regardless, the producers are laughing all the way to the bank.

The show has exceptional moments along with a really talented cast of hardworking, devoted actors. But in this day and age when each and every mobile phone is a video camera, when someone can (illegally) film a show whilst watching it and upload favored scenes for the globe to see just before the performance has even finished, each preview, each rehearsal is a performance. That puts lots of pressure around the cast, on the technical crew, and for the writer as well as director.

Social media can be a boon as well as a difficulty to the entertainment sector. Is it the #1 enemy? Certainly not. It’s possibly one of many most effective tools obtainable to produce publicity for any show. Just be positive the show is prepared for the publicity.

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